When did your school last have a good clear out?
How much of the stuff thats cluttering up your classrooms has actually been used in the past year or two? With a background in education, I understand that as teachers, we keep all kinds of stuff we never use. 

Why do we keep these things? Lots of reasons: Scarcity of resources can turn us into hoarders. Or we engage in “one day” thinking, as in “one day I’ll use those felt scraps for an abstract art project.” 

We may inherit things from teachers who came before us, we worry that we might need the anatomically correct pregnancy doll to teach a class this year and (heaven forbid) we might run out of coloured pencil crayons at some point in the next decade! We feel bad throwing old resources out and so the clutter builds year upon year. 

However, even if, theoretically, some of the items cluttering up your classroom may come in handy “one day,” cluttered classrooms are hard for teachers to keep organised, and they keep children from finding what they need and putting things back where they belong after using them.
Creating your Dream Classroom...
Teachers are busy and time is limited. With the best intentions in the world, sorting out the resource cupboard and re-organising the classroom inevitably gets pushed to the bottom of the list and never gets done, (at least not to the standards that you would like it to get done anyway). 

Take ten seconds right now to imagine your dream classroom. Glorious isn’t it! Now imagine how much easier an organised classroom would make your life each day, imagine getting your resources out each morning and knowing exactly where everything is. Imagine putting resources away with ease, books straight back into their baskets, maths games into their slot and science apparatus straight back into its box

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